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How Sustainable Junk Removal Impacts Communities

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Our company is bullish on sustainability. When we say we “bleed green,” we really mean it. Our environmentalism principles are written in our mission statement, our company values, and all across our website. We are firm believers that sustainable junk removal can exert positive influence beyond the environment. It can also be a force for good in local communities.

The first flyer for The Junk Removal in CT was simple but effective. It said a college student would help you haul away your junk to local charities and recycling centers instead of immediately disposing of it. Junk removal wasn’t something many people were familiar with. But if someone else could help customers save the planet, then they were on board.

One of the three pillars of sustainability is “people.” Any sustainable action should always take a person’s well-being into consideration. Everyone can achieve this with fair wages, a better work-life balance, and stronger communities. We firmly believe in all of these, but the last one is the most important. It’s why we give back and help others who need it most. Nothing empowers people more than a tight-knit community.

Empathy is also a key driver of amazing customer service. Being professional, timely, and upfront is important, but empathy is the differentiator between good and great customer service.

Widespread sustainable junk removal isn’t going to happen overnight. It will take time to implement across all junk removal companies. We’re doing our part to recycle, repurpose, and donate what we can for now. We won’t compromise on being green. We’ll be unyielding to show the world how effective sustainability can be.