Junk Removal for Real Estate Agents

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Did you know that keeping the number of a reliable junk removal firm handy can benefit your career? Today real estate agents sometime face tremendous responsibilities when they help an owner prepare a property for sale. With tight competition in many markets, savvy agents appreciate the vital importance of “curb appeal”.

As a general rule of thumb, the better the house appears during a casual first impression, the more favorably prospective buyers will view the listing. An excellent showing often translates into hundreds, or even thousands, of extra dollars for sellers.

Allowing junk and debris to clutter a front yard or other areas of a residence does a serious disservice to your clients. Experts recommend performing last minute inspections and cleaning the premises thoroughly before an appraisal also. Although appraisers technically consider only structural issues, messy surroundings sometimes subtly influence lenders and other people evaluating photos of the property. For the best results, successful real estate agents usually take steps to encourage the sellers to maintain pristine conditions in the home.

Real estate agents appreciate junk removal firms which respond rapidly to requests for assistance. Additionally, you need to locate a company which understands the importance of treating the premises gently.

For instance, if haulers are moving an unwanted couch to a truck and leave a string of fallen cushion stuffing, newspaper inserts and old soda pop cans strewn all over the front yard, you won’t enhance the curb appeal. You need the services of a debris removal firm which maintains higher standards.

Try and locate a genuinely conscientious junk remover. Find a company whose employees demonstrate the professionalism to treat the property with the respect it deserves.