FULL-SERVICE means all you have to do is point. We go anywhere in or around your home or business to get the items, do all the heavy carrying and loading, then leave the area broom-swept.

JUNK is anything, in any condition, you no longer want or need.

REMOVAL means "We Make It Go Away". If it's in good shape, we'll donate it. If it's too far past its prime, we'll recycle it. If it cannot be donated or recycled, it will be disposed of properly.

Our full-service Junk Removal teams will remove and haul the items from wherever they're located. No need to take them to the curb, or even outside. We'll gladly pick up one or ten items, or do a total clean-up of an estate, rental property, construction site, or closed business. And yes, we meant to say "one or ten" items!

All types of business have all kinds of junk. Whether your office needs old office furniture, cubicles or computers removed, you need construction debris hauled away or you need to clean out a rental space to get it ready for new tenants, Junk Removal in CT handles any and all kinds of commercial junk removal.

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Let Junk Removal in CT be your go-to provider for all your junk removal needs.

Construction Debris: From small remodels to home building sites Junk Removal in CT offers clean-up services to all kinds of contractors. We remove wood, insulation, siding, roofing materials, drywall, carpet and pretty much anything else. Visit our What We Take Page for a full list. If you don’t see your type of junk listed Contact Us and tell us what you’ve got. We’ll get back to you super quick.

Scheduling can be done as a onetime pick-up or you can create a service call where we come on a regular basis to haul the debris away.

Property Management: Retail spaces, warehouses, office space, apartment buildings and other leased spaces are always in need of cleanout when a tenant moves out. You don’t have time to figure out how to get all the junk out, much less where to go with it. Junk Removal in CT is the answer. We handle all kinds of property cleanouts and no job is too big or small. Anything that is in usable condition will be donated to charity and recyclable items will go to a recycling facility. We’ll do it quickly and carefully so you can get back to your business at hand and get that property leased again.

Office Cleanout: Old office furniture and outdated computers can take up a lot of space. Has your conference room become a graveyard for these items? Junk Removal in CT specializes in removing office junk as well as dismantling and removing cubical partitions. Give us a call, we’ll give you a free quote and show up on time to clean you out and get your office space productive again. You might even use the conference room to celebrate!

Storage Unit Cleanout: Whether it’s a full unit cleanout or removing the junk left behind after an auction, Once Junk Removal in CT will remove all items from the unit and sweep it out so that it’s ready for you to rent out again. Anything that is still usable will be donated to charity and recyclables will go to a facility to be re-purposed. The sooner you have it cleaned out, the sooner you can rent it again. We’ll make it simple and quick so you can get back to business.